CFTF Films Catalogue Z

The Zoo Robbery

64 mins Eastman Colour
Yen-Yen the Yeti, star attraction at the London Zoo, is kidnapped, and a group of children in a canal barge have an exciting time trying to rescue her.
Made by Cine-Lingual Ltd. Written, produced, directed by John Black and Matt McCarthy.
With: Karen Lucas, Paul Gyngell, Walter McKone, Luke Batchelor.


4D Special Agents

60 mins Colour
Children discover stolen jewellery but are captured by the thieves and imprisoned on their getaway boat.
Made by Eyeline Films Ltd. Produced by Harold Orton and Caroline Neame. Directed by Harold Orton. Written by Harold Orton and Peter Frances-Browne.
With: Lisa East, Dexter Fletcher, Sarah Jerkins, Paul Medford, Philip Cook, Bryan Marshall, James Coyle, Ken Shorter.
Gijon Film Festival 1982 Awarded Diploma of Honour.