CFTF Films Catalogue Y

The Young Detectives

118 mins (8 episodes)
Young Dickie Goodwin is kidnapped by jewel thieves. His friends organize themselves into search parties and, after many adventures, manage to save him and bring about the arrest of the criminals.
Made by Littleton Park Film Productions Ltd. Story by Roy Brown. Screenplay by Michael Barnes. Directed by Gilbert Gunn. Produced by Ronald Spencer.
With: Neil McCarthy, Cardew Robinson, Sam Kydd.
  • Episode .1 Kidnapped.
  • Episode 2. The Searchers.
  • Episode 3. In Deep Water.
  • Episode 4. Trapped.
  • Episode 5. The Runaway Cart.
  • Episode 6. The Hostage.
  • Episode 7. When Thieves Fall Out.
  • Episode 8. The Last Round.


The Young Jacobites

139 mins (8 episodes)
Two children holidaying on the Isle of Skye go back in time to the days of Bonnie Prince Charlie and help him escape from Scotland to France.
Produced by Rayant Pictures Ltd. Story by Kenneth Macfarlane. Screenplay Paul Tabori and Gordon Wellesley. Director John Reeve. Producer Anthony Gilkison. Cameraman Geoffrey Gurrin.
With: Francesca Annis, Jeremy Bulloch, Gareth Tandy, Frazer Hines, John Pike, Frank Forsythe.
  • Episode 1. Journey into the Past.
  • Episode 2. The Traitor.
  • Episode 3. The League in Action.
  • Episode 4. The Ambush.
  • Episode 5. The Prince Must be Warned.
  • Episode 6. The Rescue.
  • Episode 7. The Enemy Closes In.
  • Episode 8. Over the Threshold.