CFTF Films Catalogue W

Watch Out

18 mins
Dickie Duffle and his young friend Tom in a film studio.
Story Patricia Latham. Director Don Chaffey. Producer Frank Cadman.


What Next?

56 mins Eastman Colour
A boy's uncanny ability to foretell the future leads him into trouble.
Made by Kingsgate Films (London) Ltd., from an original story by Carole Kingsgate-Smith and Derek Hill. Produced by Carole Kingsgate-Smith. Directed by Peter Smith.
With: Peter Robinson, Perry Benson, Lynne White, Alan O'Keefe, Janet Davies.
Special Diploma Teheran Festival 1975.


Where's Johnny?

57 mins Eastman Colour
Johnny becomes invisible with adventurous and hilarious results.
Made by Eady-Barnes Productions Ltd. Written and produced by Mike Gorell Barnes. Directed by David Eady.
With: Raymond Boal, Kim Clifford, Perry Benson, Graham Stark, Patrick Newell, George Innes, and "Tass" as "Rags".


Wings of Mystery

55 mins
A story of racing pigeons and the making of steel. Someone in the works is selling secrets abroad; the children find out who it is and lead in his capture.
Made by Rayant Pictures Ltd. Based on a story by H.K. Lewenhak, Director Gilbert Gunn. Producer Anthony Gilkison. Music Derek New. Photography David A. Holmes.
With: Judy Geeson, Hennie Scott, Francesca Bertorelli, Graham Aza, Arnold Ridley.


The Wreck-Raisers

56 mins Eastman Colour
When the Sally Anne is wrecked off Lyme Regis, Tom and his pals are blamed. The only way they can prove their innocence is by raising the wreck.
Made by Eyeline Films Ltd. Story by Harold Orton, Produced and directed by Harold Orton.
With: Sally Ann Marlow, Martin Reynolds, Oswald Lindsey, Robin Baldwin, lan Ramsey, Anthony Barnett, Michael Balfour.