CFTF Films Catalogue V

Valley of the Kings

111 mins (6 episodes) Eastman Colour
Two children of an archaeologist join their parents in Egypt and as well as seeing the sights, share in the excitement of discovering fresh antiquities.
Made by Associated British-Pathe Ltd. Screenplay by Jean Scottt Rogers. Music by Harry Robinson. Photography Martin Rolfe. Directed by Frederic Goode. Executive Producer Terry Ashwood.
With: Ray Barrett, Gwen Watford, Kenneth Nash, Peter Graeffe, Elizabeth White.
  • Episode 1. Jackals in the Desert.
  • Episode 2. The Traitors Bait.
  • Episode 3. Lost in Luxor.
  • Episode 4. The Land of the Dead.
  • Episode 5. Lost in the Sandstorm.
  • Episode 6. Ordeal in the Desert.