CFTF Films Catalogue U

The Unbroken Arrow

122 mins (6 parts) Fuji Colour
Saxon children overpower Norman Baron.
Made by Brocket Productions Ltd. From stories by William Smethurst. Produced and directed by Matt McCarthy and John Black.
With: Peter Demin, Amanda Jones, Mitchell Horner, Keith Jayne, Megan Hanks, Delia McDermott, Sharon O'Leary, Gerald Hely, Sean Barratt etc.
  • Part 1. Fair Exchange.
  • Part 2. The Spy.
  • Part 3. Captured.
  • Part 4. The Crusaders.
  • Part 5. The Red Plague.
  • Part 6. Tower of Fire.


Up in the Air

55 mins Eastman Colour
Victorian children improvise a balloon to escape from their Dickensian boarding school.
Produced by Fanfare Films Ltd Written by Wally Bosco. Directed by Jan Darnley Smith. Producer George H. Brown.
With: Gary Smith, Mark Colleano, Susan Payne, Gary Warren, Julian Close, Stephen Chtlds, Earl Younger, Andrew Gregory.
Guest Stars: Jon Pertwee, Felix Felton.