CFTF Films Catalogue T

Terry on the Fence

70 mins Colour
This is the story of a boy caught up in a moral dilemma; who becomes deeper and deeper involved in a guilty course of action from which he is unable to extricate himself.
Made by Eyeline Film and Video Ltd. Produced by Harold Orton and Frank Godwin. Written and Directed by Frank Godwin, from the book by Bernard Ashley.
With. Jack McNicholl, Neville Watson, Tracey Ann Morris, Susan Jameson, Martin Fisk.


That's An Order

18 mins
Peter gets a job as assistant in a grocer's shop.
Story J. B. Boothroyd. Director John Irwin. Producer John Croydon.


Tightrope to Terror

53 mins Colour
Danger and excitement when four children are trapped aboard a damaged cable car dangling 150 feet above a glacier.
A Childrens Film Foundation Production. Producer Gordon L. T. Scott. Written and Directed by Robert Kellett.
With: Richard Owens, Rebecca Lacey, Eloise Ritchie, Stuart Wilde, Mark Jefferis.


Tim Driscoll's Donkey

56 mins
A story starting in the hills behind Dublin and involving Tim in many adventures while in pursuit of his pet donkey, who is sold in error to a family in England.
Produced by Bushey Film Studios Ltd. Story by Mary Cathcart Borer. Director Terry Bishop. Producer Gilbert Church.
With: David Coote, Carole Lorimer, Anthony Green.
Venice Film Festival 1955. First prize for the best entertainment film for children.
Montevideo 1956. Special Award.


To The Rescue

21 mins
A comedy about the life of a valuable poodle, puppy, her owners, sponsors and enemies.
Produced by Massingham Productions Ltd. Director Jacques Brunius. Producer Richard Massingham.
Entered Venice Film Festival 1953. Won first prize for the best short film for children of 12-15.


Toto and the Poachers

50 mins Eastman Colour
Taken on safari to look after the Game Warden's camp, a young African boy with his monkey helps to capture dangerous ivory poachers.
Produced by World Safari Ltd. Story by Henry Geddes, Johnnie Coquillon, Brian Salt. Director Brian Salt. Producer Henry Geddes. Music Edwin Astley.
With: John Aloisi.
Venice Film Festival 1958. Second prize for best children's film at Venice.


Treasure at the Mill

51 mins (Revised)
John is anxious to free his mother from having to work as a house-keeper to a bad-tempered antique dealer. He finds a clue to treasure and unravels the mystery involved, also working out the mechanics of the old mill.
Produced by Wallace Productions Ltd. From an original story by Malcolm Saville. Adapted for filming by Mary Cathcart Borer. Director Max Anderson. Producer A. V. Curtice.
With: Richard Palmer, Merrilyn, Hilary and Harry Pettit.


Treasure in Malta

92 mins (6 episodes) Eastman Colour
Two children spend an exciting holiday in Malta where their father is trying to track down a valuable antique statuette.
Made by Anvil Films Ltd. From an original story by David Scott Daniell. Adapted by Mary Cathcart Borer. Screenplay by Anne Barrett. Producer Ralph N. May. Director Derek Williams.
With: Mario Debono, Aidan Mompalaode Piro, Mary Lu Ripard.
  • Episode 1. Kidnapped.
  • Episode 2. By Jiminy.
  • Episode 3. Carnival.
  • Episode 4. Escape to Gozo.
  • Episode 5. At the Villa Rosa.
  • Episode 6. The Tomb of Calypso.


The Trouble with 2B

103 mins (6 parts) Eastman Colour
It isn't really the fault of the children in 2B that their efforts to be helpful end in disaster.
Made by Balfour Films Written by David Ash. Produced by Carole K. Smith. Directed by Peter K. Smith.
With: Richard Wilson, John Warner, Stephen Brassett, Peter Newby, John Blundell.
  • Part 1. Happy days (16 mins).
  • Part 2. On the Air (22 mins).
  • Part 3. Trial of Strength (19 mins).
  • Part 4. Parents' Day(16 mins).
  • Part 5. Thirty Years Younger (16 mins).
  • Part 6. Blackboard Jungle (14 mins).


The Troublesome Double

57 mins Eastman Colour
'Egghead' Wentworth adapts his electrical robot to take part in a swimming gala, but forgets that he had previously programmed it to win a karate competition.
Made by Interfilm (London) Ltd. Story by Leif Saxon. Producer Cecil Musk. Director Milo Lewis.
With: Keith Chegwin, Richard Wattis, Josephine Tewson, Julie and Tracy Collins, Johnny Vyvyan, Larry Martin.