CFTF Films Catalogue S

The Salvage Gang

52 mins
The amusing adventures of four children who inadvertently sell for scrap iron a bed belonging to one of their parents, and set off in hot pursuit as the bed is passed from one dealer to another.
Produced by World Wide Pictures Ltd. Story by Mary Cathcart Borer. Director John Krish. Producer Hindle Edgar. Music Jack Beaver.
With: Ali Allen, Amanda Coxell, Frazer Hines, Christopher Warbey, Wilfred Brambell.
Montevideo Film Festival 1960, Special Award.


Sammy's Super T-Shirt

57 mins Eastman Colour
Junior athlete's training aided by T-shirt with magical powers.
Made by Monument Films Ltd. Original story by H. MacLeod Robertson. Screenplay by Frank Godwin. Produced by Frank Godwin. Directed by Jeremy Summers.
With: Reggie Winch, Lawrie Mark, David Young, Keith Jayne, Richard Vernon, Julian Holloway, Patsy Rowlands, Marianne Stone.



61 mins Eastman Colour
Jimmy Riley, who has been in trouble with the Police, is befriended by members of a schoolboys' scramble club and given a job in a garage run by the club organiser. Unfortunately, his previous associates interfere with his efforts to start a new life.
Made by Eady Barnes Productions Limited. Written and produced by Michael Gorell Barnes. Directed by David Eady.
With: Alfred Marks, David Lodge, Graham Stark, James Hayter, Peggy Sinclair, lan Ramsey, Stuart Lock, Robin Askwith, Carling Paton.


The Sea Children

40 mins Eastman Colour
Skindivers on holiday in Malta discover strange world beneath the sea.
Made by Pan Productions Ltd. Produced by Gordon Exelby. Directed by David Andrews, from an original story by Murray Smith. Re-edited by Pacesetter Productions Limited.
With: Earl Younger, Lesley Dunlop, Stephen Garlick, Simon Turner, Perry Balfour.


Seal Island

55 mins Eastman Colour
Young naturalists protect seal sanctuary.
Made by Pacesetter Productions Ltd. Original Story by Henry Geddes. Script by Pat Latham. Produced and Directed by Ronnie Spencer.
With: Andrew Dove, Lisa Norris, Joey Clarke, Donald Douglas, John Savident, Wolfe Norris, Janet Davies, Gillan Barge, Cyril Luckham.


The Secret Cave

49 mins (Revised)
Based on Thomas Hardy's story about three boys who discover the source of a stream in a cave and divert it with some dramatic results.
Produced by Merton Park Studios Ltd. Original Story by Thomas Hardy. Director John Durst. Producer Frank A. Hoare. Music Richard Addinsell.
With: David Coote, Nicky Edmett, Trevor Hill, Susan Ford, Johnny Morris.


The Secret of the Forest

61 mins
Four children help forest warders and an archaeologist to foil thieves who steal museum exhibits and set fire to an Anglian forest.
Produced by Rayant Pictures Ltd. Story by George Ewart Evans. Director Darcy Conyers. Producer Anthony Gilkison.
With: Kitt Terrington, Jacqueline Cox, Barry Knight, Diana Day, Michael Balfour, Arthur Lovegrove.


Seventy Deadly Pills

55 mins
When some children find dangerous pills they mistake them for sweets and distribute them amongst their friends. Eventually the pills are recovered, but not without some narrow escapes.
Made by Derick Williams Productions Ltd. From a story by Frank Wells. Photography Stephen Dade. Directed by Pat Jackson. Produced by Derick Williams.
With: Leslie Dwyer, Harry Fowler, Newton Blick, lan Flemming, Gareth Robinson, Sally Thomsett, Len Jones.


Skid Kids

49 mins (Revised)
A group of boy speedway riders in London detect bicycle thieves and help the police round them up.
Produced by Bushey Film Studios Ltd. From an original story by Jack Howells. Director Don Chaffey. Producer Gilbert Church.
With: Lance Campbell, Barry Phelps, Kurt Wagener, Barry MacGregor, Anthony Lang, Angela Monk, Pauline Black, Trevor Hill, Judy Stephens and A.E. Matthews, guest artist.


Sky Pirates

60 mins Eastman Colour
Children uncover thieves using model aircraft to smuggle valuable gems.
Made by Ansus Films Ltd. Original story and screenplay by C. Pennington-Richards. Produced by Frank Godwin. Directed by C.M. Pennington-Richards.
With: Adam Richens, Michael McVey, Sylvia O'Donnell, Bill Maynard, Reginald Marsh, Jamie Foreman, Kenneth Watson, John Lee.


The Sky-Bike

62 mins Eastman Colour
Competition between rival inventors endeavouring to win a prize for the first flight by a man-powered flying machine.
Produced by Eyeline Films Ltd. Written and directed by Charles Frend. Producer Harold Orton.
With: Spencer Shires, lan Ellis, Delia Rands, John Howard.
Guest Stars: Liam Redmond, William Lucas, David Lodge, Bill Shine.


Smokey Joe's Revenge

57 mins Eastman Colour
An ancient traction engine gets its own back on an ungrateful owner who consigns it to the scrap-heap.
Made by Pacesetter Productions Ltd. Executive Producer John Brabourne. Produced and directed by Ronnie Spencer. Story by Wally Bosco. Script by Patricia Latham.
With: Kay Humblestone, Micky Cox, Danny Martyne, Robert Dorning, Margaret Lacey, John Barrett, Ben Aris, Gareth Thomas.


Soapbox Derby

51 mins (Revised)
A group of boys build a soapbox car and compete in the Soap Box Derby despite the activities of a rival group who make every effort to sabotage their enterprise.
Produced by Rayant Pictures Ltd. Story by Robert Martin. Director Darcy Conyers, Producer Anthony Gilkison.
With: Michael Crawford, Keith Davis, Roy Townshend, Alan Coleshill, Malcolm Kirby, Raymond Dudley, Carla Challoner, Harry Fowler.


Son of the Sahara

120 mins (8 episodes) Eastman Colour
A plot by Sidi Faisal to depose his cousin the Caid, is foiled by Abu and his friends, with the help of a blind water seller.
Produced by Associated British-Pathe Ltd. Story by Kelman D. Frost. Director Frederic Goode. Producer Lionel Hoare. Executive Producer Harry Field.
With: Darryl Read, Ria Mills, Kit Williams, Michael Wennink.
  • Episode 1. Gun Runners.
  • Episode 2. The Conspirators.
  • EpisodeB. Trapped.
  • Episode 4. The Valley of Ghosts.
  • EpisodeS. The Last Hope.
  • Episode 6. Counterplot.
  • Episode?. Ambush.
  • EpisodeS. The Ghost Army.


Stable Rivals

16 mins
Competition between Dick, whose father runs a riding school, and expects to win the local gymkhana, and the baker's children who teach their van pony to jump.
Produced by Anglo-Scottish Pictures Ltd. Story, Director and Producer Leonard Reeve.


The Stolen Airliner

59 mins
Representatives of Fragovinia come to England to buy the newest airliner. They are kidnapped by revolutionaries who steal the plane and force the pilot to fly it to a desert rendezvous. Three air cadets, on the track of the revolutionaries, are in the plane and parachute out to enlist the help of the R.A.F.
Produced by Associated British-Pathe Ltd. Story by John Pudney. Director Don Sharp. Producer Howard Thomas. Made with the help of the R.A.F and Vickers-Armstrong Ltd.
With: Diana Day, Fella Edmunds, Michael Maguire, Nicola Braithwaite.


The Stolen Plans

57 mins
An adventure story set in London dealing with the successful efforts of a boy and girl to help outwit a gang of spies trying to steal secret aircraft plans from an aircraft designer.
Produced by Gaumont-British Picture Corporation Ltd. From an original story by Michael Poole. Script and Direction James Hill, Producer Frank Wells.
With: Mavis Sage, Lance Secretan and Ludmila Tchakalova.
Venice Film Festival 1952. Shared C.I.D.A.L.C. Silver Gondola Award.


Supersonic Saucer

50 mins
A baby supersonic saucer inadvertently arrives from Venus. Adopted by a group of children, it causes many misunderstandings but prevents a robbery from their school.
Produced by Gaumont-British Picture Corporation Ltd. Story by Frank Wells. Director S.C. Fergusson. Producer Frank Wells. Music Jack Beaver.
With: Marcia Monolescue, Fella Edmunds, Gillian Harrison, Donald Gray, Patrick Boxill.


Swift Water

16 mins
Terry from London, on holiday in Devonshire, is introduced to sailing and bird watching on the River Dart.
Produced by Documentary Technicians Alliance Ltd. Director Tony Thompson.