CFTF Films Catalogue R

Raiders of the River

147 mins (8 episodes)
Three Covent Garden children trail bank robbers who use a river launch as their headquarters and finally bring about their capture.
Produced by Merton Park Studios Ltd. Story by Robert Martion. Director John Haggarty. Producer Frank A. Hoare.
With: Jenny Jones, Robert Petters, Richard O'Sullivan.
  • Episode 1. Mystery in Covent Garden.
  • Episode 2. The Secret of the Cellar.
  • Episode 3. The Raiders' Hideout.
  • Episode 4. The Thing in the Basement.
  • Episode 5. Caught by the Gang,
  • Episode 6. Trapped in the Tunnel.
  • Episode 7. Hot on the Trail.
  • Episode 8. The Gang at Bay.


Raising the Roof

54 mins Eastman Colour
Jack and Jill Robbins find themselves involved in many strange and exciting adventures in their search for a really strange creature to enter for 'the most unusual pet' competition at their local Saturday Morning cinema.
Made by Michael Forlong Productions Limited. Original story by Norman Taylor. Produced and directed by Michael Forlong.
With: Patricia Davis, David Lodge, Robertson Hare, Roy Kinnear, Patricia Hayes, Michael Gould, Kay Skinner, lan Allis.


Rangi's Catch

128 mins (8 episodes) Eastman Colour
When their father's boat is stolen by two escaped convicts, some New Zealand children and their Maori friends give chase. But they have to travel the whole length of New Zealand before they finally catch up with the thieves.
Made by Michael Forlong Ltd. Written, produced and directed by Michael Forlong.
With: Andrew Kerr, Kate Forlong, Tameura Morrison, Vernon Hill, Peter Vere Jones, Michael Woolf, lan Mune.
  • Episode 1. The Mysterious Campers.
  • Episode 2. Escaped Convicts.
  • Episode 3. Escape and Capture.
  • Episode 4. Caught At Sea.
  • Episode 5. Packed In The Boat.
  • Episode 6. Terror In The Caves.
  • Episode 7. Jet Boat.
  • Episode 8. Rangi's Catchl


The Rescue Squad

54 mins
Six children lose a toy aeroplane in a high ruined tower. To get to the top and recover it tries their patience and ingenuity until with success in sight, they are trapped themselves until rescued by a donkey.
Made by World Wide Pictures Ltd. Story Frank Wells. Script Malcolm Stewart. Director Colin Bell. Producer Hindle Edgar. Editor Gerry Hambling.
With: Christopher Brett, Shirley Joy, Malcolm Knight, Gareth Tandy, Lindy Leo, Danny Grove, Michael Balfour, Peter Butterworth, Leslie French, Renee Houston.
Venice Film Festival 1963. Silver Oceila - first in children's entertainment class and Silver Minerva -C.C.R. special award.


River Rivals

110 mins (7 episodes) Eastman Colour
The efforts of the Holmeschildren to build their own boat and beat their rivals the Craigs, in the local Regatta.
Produced by Century Film Productions Ltd. Story by Linda Graeme. Director Harry Booth. Producer Roy Simpson.
With: Darryl Read, Sally Thomsett, Cordel Leigh, Philip Meredith, Rufus Frampton, Julie Booth, Renee Houston, Dick Emery, Brian Haines.
  • Episode 1. The Golden Dragon.
  • Episode 2. The Blockade Runners.
  • Episode 3. The Night Raiders.
  • Episode 4. Operation Airlift.
  • Episode 5. Mission Accomplished.
  • Episode 6. Shipwreck.
  • Episode 7. The Dragon's Secret.


Robin Hood Junior

61 mins Eastman Colour
In Sherwood Forest children foil Norman barons.
Made by Brocket Productions Limited from a story by Matt McCarthy. Produced and directed by Matt McCarthy and John Black.
With: Keith Chegwin, Mandy Tulloch, Keith Jayne, Rachel Brennock, Maurice Kaufmann, Anthony Bailey, Sean Barrett, Andrew Sachs, Tony Aitken.
Special Diploma Moscow Film Festival 1975,


Rockets in the Dunes

A film shot in Devon concerning the efforts of local children to prevent the Army using their beach for rocket training.
Produced by Anvil Films Ltd. Original story by Lois Lamplugh. Director William Hammond. Producer Ralph May.
With: Gena Yates, Heather Lyons, Gordon Adam, James Luck, Peter Wood, Christopher Witty.


Rover Makes Good

16 mins
A useless sheepdog brings help to children trapped in an old Cornish mine.
Produced by Plymouth Films Ltd, Story, Director and Producer John Dooley.


Runaway Railway

55 mins
Young railway enthusiasts repair a derelict locomotive and find themselves inadvertently involved in a mail train robbery.
Produced by Fanfare Films Ltd. Story by Henry Geddes. Script by Michael Barnes. Director Jan Darnley-Smith. Producer George H. Brown.
With: John Moulder-Brown, Kevin Bennett, Leonard Brockwell, Roberta Tovey, Sidney Tafler, Ronnie Barker, Graham Starr, Jon Pertwee, Hugh Lloyd, Roger Avon.