CFTF Films Catalogue P

Paganini Strikes Again

59 mins Eastman Colour
Young musicians become amateur detectives.
Made by Interfilm (London) Ltd., from a story by Benjamin Lee. Script by Mike Gorell Barnes. Produced by Cyril Randell. Directed by Gerry O'Hara.
With: Philip Bliss, Andrew Bowen, Simon Thompson, Julie Dawn Cole, Jean Marlow, Dudley Sutton, John Arnatt, Patrick Jordan.


The Peregrine Hunters

56 mins Eastman Colour
Young falconers join forces to prevent illegal export of rare birds.
Made by Mark Forstater Productions Ltd. Original story by Cecil Petty. Screenplay by Cecil Petty and Howard Thompson. Produced by Mark Forstater. Directed by Cecil Petty.
With: Julia Gambold, Gary Dundavin, Alex McCrindle, Barrie Cosney, Harvey Ashby, Sonia Fox.


Peril for the Guy

55 mins
A children's comedy thriller involving fireworks and a scientist whom four children rescue when a company kidnaps him for his oil detector.
Produced by World Wide Pictures Ltd. Story by John Kennett. Director James Hill. Producer Hindle Edgar.
With: Frazer Hines, Amanda Coxall, Chris Warbey, Ali Alleney, Kathryn Kath, Peter Copley.


The Piper's Tune

62 mins
During the Napoleonic Wars child refugees become involved with a Pyrenean escape route and the problem of whether to save a wounded enemy who is a danger to their own safety.
Produced by A.C.T. Films Ltd. Story by Frank Wells. Screenplay Michael Barnes. Director Muriel Box. Producer Robert Dunbar. Production Manager Ralph Bond.
With: Mavis Ranson, Roberta Tovey, Angela White, Malcolm Ranson, Brian Wills, Graham Wills, Delene Scott.


Playground Express

17 mins
Peter runs a seaside railway,
Story J. B. Boothroyd. Director John Irwin. Producer John Croydon.


Pop Pirates

58 mins Colour
An adventure with music telling the story of a group of kids who enter a music competition and how a plot to pirate video promos is successfully foiled as they become popular winners with two great hits.
Made by Welbeck Film Distributors Ltd. Produced by Ralph Thomas, Written and Directed by Jack Grossman.
With: George Sweeney, Roger Daltrey, Joe Melia, Frieda Shand, Jon Finch, Spencer Chandler, Patrick Pereira, Calvin Samuel, Ricky Simmonds, Stephen Bird.


Professor Popper's Problems

91 mins (6 episodes)
Professor accidentally miniaturises himself and his friends.
Made by Mersey Film Productions Ltd. Produced by Roy Simpson. Directed by Gerry O'Hara. Original story by Richard Loncraine. Script by Leo Maguire.
With: Debra Collins, Adam Richens, Karen Saunders, Eric Holloway, Philip da Costa, Todd Carty, Charlie Drake, Milo O'Shea, Sydney Bromley, Richard Caldicot.
  • Episode 1. Into The Unknown.
  • Episode 2. Descent To Danger.
  • Episode 3. The Monster.
  • Episode 4. Pursued.
  • Episode 5. Follow That Skate.
  • Episode 6. The Magic Powder.


Project Z

134 mins (8 episodes) Eastman Colour
Members of a school expedition in Tunisia become accidentally involved in industrial espionage.
Produced by Lion Pacesetter Productions Ltd. Written Produced and Directed by Ronald Spencer.
With: Annabel Littledale, Michael Howe, Michael Crockett.
  • Episode 1. African Landfall.
  • Episode 2. Espionage.
  • Episode 3. The Runaway Truck.
  • Episode 4. The Sandstorm.
  • Episode 5. Sharpshooters of the Desert.
  • Episode 6. Double, Double-Cross.
  • Episode 7. Trapped in the Tombs.
  • Episode 8. The Deserted Village.