CFTF Films Catalogue O

On The Run

58 mins Eastman Colour
The story of the attempted kidnapping of the son of a visiting African potentate.
Produced by Derick Williams Productions Ltd. From a book by Nina Bawden. Directed by Pat Jackson. Producer Derick Williams.
With: Dennis Connolly, Robert Kennedy, Tracy Collins.
Guest Stars: Gordon Jackson, Bar Jonson, John Hollis, Olwen Brooks.


One Hour to Zero

55 mins Eastman Colour
Young runaway finds himself in a desperate situation when an atomic power station in North Wales develops a fault.
Made by Charles Barker Films Ltd. Original story and script by John Tully. Produced by Jean Wadlow. Directed by Jeremy Summers.
With: Jayne Collins, Toby Bridge, Andrew Ashby, Dudley Sutton, John Forgeham, John Barcroft, Ann Windsor, Mike Lewin, Morris Perry, Frederick Treves, Hazel McBride, Roger Llewellyn.


One Wish Too Many

55 mins
Peter and his friends find unexpected and exciting adventures when all their wishes are granted by a magic marble.
Produced by Realist Film Unit Ltd. Story by Norah Pulling. Director John Durst. Producer Basil Wright.
With: Anthony Richmond, Rosalind Gourgey, John Pike, Gladys Young, Sam Costa.
Venice Film Festival 1956. C.I.D.A.L.C. Silver Gondola Award for the best children's film at Venice.


Operation Third Form

57 mins
In trying to prove their friend Dick innocent of the theft of the school bell, his class mates stumble upon a more serious crime.
Produced by World Wide Pictures Ltd. Story by Hindle Edgar and David Eady. Director David Eady. Producer Hindle Edgar.
With: John Moulder-Brown, Kevin Bennett, Michael Crockett, Ronnie Caryl, Roberta Tovey, Derren Nesbitt.


Out of the Darkness

68 mins Colour
During the plague of 1665, a boy from the stricken village of Eyam is hounded to his death by neighbouring villagers. His ghost is unable to rest until it is released from the darkness.
A Childrens Film and Television Foundation Production. Producer Gordon L. T. Scott. Written and Directed by John Krish, from a book 'The Ivy Garland' by John Hoyland.
With: Gary Halliday, Michael Flowers, Emma Ingham, Anthony Winder, Michael Carter, Jenny Tarren.