CFTF Films Catalogue N

Night Cargoes

125 mins (8 episodes)
In the 19th century a group of children is mixed up in local smuggling thinking it is just an exciting game. But they find out how serious it is and help to round up the villains.
Produced by Cecil Musk in association with Film Producers Guild. Story Angela Ainely Jeans. Screenplay David Villiers. Director Ernest Morris.
With: Waveney Lee, Hugh James, Stephen Marriott.
  • Episode 1. The Wounded Stranger.
  • Episode 2. The Smugglers Pony.
  • Episode 3. The Secret Panel.
  • Episode 4. The Mystery of the Ruined Abbey.
  • Episode 5. Trapped in the Tunnel.
  • Episode6. Richard Knows Too Much.
  • Episode 7. The Escape in the Coach.
  • Episode 8. The Last Cargo.


Night Ferry

60 mins Eastman Colour
Children foil plan to smuggle priceless Egypian mummy, disguised as a stretcher case, on a night ferry to France.
Made by Eady Barnes Productions Ltd. Written by Mike Gorell Barnes. Produced by Mike Gorell Barnes. Directed by David Eady.
With: Graham Fletcher, Engin Ashref, Jayne Tottman, Bernard Cribbins, Aubrey Morris, Carole Rousseau.


Nosey Dobson

59 mins Eastman Colour
Set in the beautiful Isle of Arran where an over enthusiastic amateur detective becomes involved in a plot to rob Brodick Castle of its collection of antique silver.
Made by Pelicula Films Limited. Original story and script by Michael Alexander. Produced by Cyril Randell. Directed by Michael Alexander.
With: Joe McKenna, James Morrison, Gary Rankin, lain Andrew, Charles Kearney, Mary Ann Reid, Benny Young, James Grant, William Marlowe, etc.