CFTF Films Catalogue M

The Magnificent Six and 1/2

102 mins (1st series) (6 parts) Eastman Colour
The misadventures of six children and a young girl.
Produced by Century Film Productions Ltd. Format by Henry Geddes. Directed by Harry Booth. Producer Roy Simpson.
With: Len Jones, Brinsley Forde, Lionel Hawkes, lan Ellis, Suzanne Togni, Kirn Tallmadge, Michael Audreson.
Guest Stars Deryck Guyler, George Roderick and others.
  • Part 1. Ghosts and ghoulies.
  • Part 2. When knights were bold.
  • Part 3. Billy the Kid.
  • Part 4. Kontiki Kids.
  • Part 5. Bob a job.
  • Part 6. Peewee's pianola.


The Magnificent Six and 1/2

105 mins (2nd series) (6 parts) Eastman Colour
More misadventures of six children and a young girl.
Made by Century Film Productions Limited. Stories by Yvonne Richards, Wally Bosco and Don Nichol Produced by Roy Simpson. Directed by Harry Booth.
With: Robin Davies, Brinsley Forde, Lionel Hawkes, lan Ellis, Suzanne Togni, Michael Audreson.
  • Part 1. Peewee had a little ape.
  • Part 2. A good deed in time.
  • Part 3. The magician.
  • Part 4. A lad in the lamp.
  • Part 5. It's not cricket.
  • Part 6. The astronaughts.


The Magnificent Six and 1/2

89 mins (3rd series) (6 parts) Eastman Colour
Even more adventures of six children and a young girl.
Made by Lion Pacesetter Productions Limited. Screenplays by Patricia Latham. Produced by Pat Green. Directed by Peter Graham Scott.
With: Paul Griffiths, Kay Skinner, Robert Richardson, Jody Lynn Schaller, Jimmy Baxter, Jane Coster, Steven Wallen.
  • Part 1. That's all we need.
  • Part 2 Up the creek.
  • Part 3. Up for the cup.
  • Part 4. The ski wheelers.
  • Part 5. Time flies.
  • Part 6. Five survive.


The Man From Nowhere

57 mins Eastman Colour
Orphan girl is threatened by mysterious stranger.
Made by Charles Barker Films. Original story and script by John Tully. Produced by Jean Wadlow. Directed by James Hill.
With: Sarah Hollis-Andrews, Anthony McCaffery, Ronald Adam, Edmund Thomas, Gabrielle Hamilton.


Mardi and the Monkey

19 mins
The story of a little Indonesian boy living in a village in West Java and the complications his pet monkey brings to the family.
Produced by Peregrine Film Productions Ltd. in co-operation with the Indonesian Government. Director Kay Mander. Producer Deborah Chesshire.


Masters of Venus

128 mins (8 episodes)
The rocket Astarte is prematurely fired into space by Venusian saboteurs. On board are two children by whose intervention war with Venus is averted.
Made by Wallace Productions Ltd. Story H. B. Gregory. Screenplay Michael Barnes. Director Ernest Morris. Producer A. Frank Bundy.
With: Amanda Coxell, Robin Stewart, Jackie Martin, Zienia Merton.
  • Episode 1. Sabotage.
  • Episode 2. Lost in Space.
  • Episode 3. The Men with Six Fingers.
  • Episode 4. The Thing in the Crater.
  • Episode 5. Prisoners of Venus.
  • Episode 6. The Killer Virus.
  • Episode 7. Kill on Sight.
  • Episode 8. Attack.


Mauro The Gypsy

57 mins Eastman Colour
When chickens start to disappear and scrap metal litters the countryside, the time has obviously come for Mauro and his family to be moved on. But things are not always what they seem to be.
Made by I.F.A. (Scotland) Ltd. Story by Jess Foster and Ken Pople. Script by Patricia Latham. Produced by Laurence Henson and Edward McConnell. Directed by Laurence Henson.
With: Graeme Greenhowe, Fiona Kennedy, Andrew Lyatt, Graeme Wilson, Victor Carin, James Copeland, Katie Gardiner.
Moscow Film Festival 1973. Special award for contribution to racial tolerance.


The Mine & the Minotaur

59 mins Eastman Colour
Young holiday-makers prevent export of priceless gold mythological figure hidden in disused Cornish tin-mine.
Made by Sailorman Films Ltd. Screenplay by Christopher Penfold. Produced by Emma Cowing. Directed by David Cowing.
With: Adam Rhodes, William Sooker, Felicity Harrison, Charlie Cork, Janette Legge, Christopher Hare, Elaine Lourdan, James Hazeldine, Mary Larkin, Jay Benedict, David Fredman



57 mins Eastman Colour
Mischief' is the latest addition to a pony trekking stable. Davy looks after him during the school holidays and discovers that 'Mischief' was once a circus pony and reacts to the sound of music. This leads to incidents full of excitement and suspense.
Produced by Shand Pictures Ltd. Written by Jack Grossman. Director lan Shand.
With: Paul Fraser, lan Burton, Adrienne Byrne, Michael Newport, Gina Malcolm, Gerald Sim, Colin Gordon, Bill Owen.


The Missing Note

56 mins
Three children track their lost piano with a missing note through London streets, markets and music halls.
Produced by Walton Studios Ltd. Story by Frank Wells. Screenplay Mary Cathcart Borer. Director Michael Brandt. Producer Henry Passmore.
With: Heather Bennett, Hennie Scott, John Moulder-Brown, Toke Townley.


The Monster of Highgate Ponds

59 mins
The story of three children who find themselves with a friendly monster that grows at an alarming rate.
Produced by Halas & Batchelor Cartoon Films Ltd. Original story by Joy Batchelor. Screenplay Mary Cathcart Borer. Director Cavalcanti. Producer John Halas. Music Francis Chagrin.
With: Rachel Clay, Michael Wade, Terry Raven, Ronald Howard, Michael Balfour, Frederick Piper, Beryl Cooke, Philip Latham.


Mr. Horatio Knibbles

60 mins Eastman Colour
Mary Bunting is sitting alone when to her surprise and delight a rabbit six foot tall - elegantly dressed in frock coat and fancy waistcoat - appears. As he is a magic rabbit, he can be seen only by Mary, which naturally creates great confusion and misunderstanding.
Made by Anvil Film and Recording Group Ltd. Produced by Hugh Stewart. Directed by Robert Hird. Original story by Wally Bosco.
With: Lesley Roach, Gary Smith, Rachel Brennock, Anthony Sheppard, David Lodge, Fred Evans.


Mr. Selkie

52 mins Eastman Colour
Adult seal assumes human form in an attempt to combat pollution of the sea.
Made by Wadlow Grosvenor Productions Ltd. Original story by Janet Eckford. Written by John Tully, James Hill, Anthony Squire. Produced by Jean Wadlow. Directed by Anthony Squire.
With: Samantha Weyson, Clark Flanagan, Michael Mannion, Peter Bayliss, Noel Howlett, Molly Weir, Zara Nutley.


Mystery in the Mine

128 mins (8 episodes)
The exciting story of a boy and girl and their young scientist friend who foil the efforts of an International Gang to get a rare ore out of the country.
Produced by Merton Park Productions Ltd. Story by Peter Ling. Director James Hill. Producer Frank A. Hoare.
With: Ingrid Garden, Stewart Guidotti, Peter Copley, Elwyn Brook-Jones.
  • Episode 1. Secret Agent.
  • Episode 2. Danger in the Dark,
  • Episode 3. Trapped Underground.
  • Episode 4. Poison Gas.
  • Episode 5. Sudden Peril.
  • Episode 6. Hot on the Trail.
  • Episode 7. Out of Control.
  • Episode 8. Desperate Finish.


Mystery on Bird Island

57 mins
A brother and sister, holidaying in the Channel Islands, meet two Alderney children and together organise a campaign to get a bird-watcher established on the Island bird-sanctuary. This interferes with the smugglers using the sanctuary as headquarters, but after a great battle of wits the children win.
Produced by Rayant Pictures Ltd. Story by Mary Dunn. Director John Haggarty. Producer Anthony Gilkison.
With: Mavis Sage, Vernon Morris, Jennifer Beech, Nicky Edmett.
Venice Film Festival 1955. Won CI.D.A.L.C. Silver Gondola award for the best children's film.