CFTF Films Catalogue J

John of The Fair

49 mins (Revised)
Set in the fair grounds of 18th century England, the story of a kidnapped heir who regains his rightful inheritance to title and estates with the help of his friends.
Produced by Merton Park Studios Ltd. Story by Arthur Groom. Director M. McCarthy. Producer Frank A. Hoare.
With: John Charlesworth, Carol Wolveridge, Glenda Davies.
Venice Film Festival 1952. Shared C.I.D.A.L.C. Silver Gondola Award.


Johnny on the Run

68 mins
A Polish boy runs away from his unkind foster mother in Edinburgh and finds a new home in a lakeside village for orphans of all nations, after encountering trouble through his innocent implication in a robbery.
Produced by International Realist Ltd. Story by George Sturt and Partricia Latham. Produced and directed by Lewis Gilbert. Lighting Cameraman Gerry Gibbs.
With: Eugeniusz Chylek, SydneyTafler, Michael Balfour, Edna Wynn, David Coote, Cleopatra Sylvestre, Louis Alexander, Elizabeth Saunders, John Levitt.
Venice Film Festival 1953. Won C.I.D.A.L.C. Silver Gondola Award.
In 1955, received award from Stamford Films Council for the best film of its kind in America.


The Johnstown Monster

54 mins Eastman Colour
Nothing ever happens in the village of Johnstown and even the tourists bypass it. However, one day a youngster takes a photograph of the lake which indicates that the legendary Johnstown Monster might be more than a legend after all.
Made by Sebastian Productions Ltd. Produced by Gabrielle Beaumont. Directed and written by Olaf Pooley. Edited by International Post Production Films Ltd.
With: Connor Brennan, Simon Tully, Rory Baily, Kim McDonald, Michael Goodliffe, Derek Farr.
La Bourboule Festival 1975: Presidents Prize.


Junket 89

56 mins Eastman Colour
Junket always seems to be in trouble at school, but his troubles really begin when the absent minded science master allows him to borrow his experimental instant transportation machine to journey in a flash to some delectable spot.
Made by Balfour Films. Script by David Ash. Produced by Carole K. Smith. Directed by Peter Plummer.
With: Stephen Brasset, Mario Renzullo, Freddy Foote, Linda Robson, John Barrow, Christopher Benjamin, Richard Wilson.


Juno Helps Out

19 mins
A Great Dane helps the children with the housework.
Produced by British Films Ltd. Story and Direction William Hammond. Producer William Weedon.