CFTF Films Catalogue H

Haunters of the Deep

60 mins Colour
An American mining company plan to re-open an old Cornish tin mine not knowing that the mine is haunted. A rock fall traps four men and only a ghost can save them.
Made by the Longbow Film Company Ltd Produced by Gordon L. T. Scott. Directed by Andrew Bogle. Written by Andrew Bogle, Tony Attard and Terry Barbour.
With: Andrew Keir, Barbara Ewing, Gary Simmons, Amy Taylor, Philip Martin.
Selected for screening - London Film Festival 1984


Headline Hunters

60 mins Eastman Colour
Children decide to keep the local newspaper running while their father is ill.
Produced by Ansus Films Ltd. Story by Geoffrey Bond. Directed by Jonathan Ingrams. Producer Frank Godwin.
With: Leonard Brockwell, Susan Payne, Stephen Garlick, Jeffrey Chandler, Malcolm Epstein.
Guest Stars: Bill Owen, Reginald Marsh, David Lodge, Dermot Kelly, Keith Smith, Glynn Houston,


Heights of Danger

60 mins
Continental motor racing adventure of a big garage owner who seeks to prevent a father and his children from winning a motorcar rally which will enable them to keep their own garage business.
Produced by Associated British-Pathe Ltd. Story by Betty Davies. Director Peter Bradford. Producer Howard Thomas.
With: Wilfred Downing, Annette Cabot, Christopher Cabot, Richard Goulden.


Hide and Seek

60 mins Eastman Colour
Keith absconds from an Approved School in the hope that his father will take him to Canada. But Keith's father seems more interested in robbing a bank.
Made by Eady-Barnes Productions Ltd. Produced by Michael Gorell Barnes. Directed by David Eady. Script by Michael Barnes.
With: Peter Newby, Gary Kemp, Eileen Fletcher, Terence Morgan, Roy Dotrice.


High Rise Donkey

57 mins Eastman Colour
Children provide temporary stable for donkey in high rise flats - with hilarious results!
Made by Anvil Film & Recording Group Ltd. Script by T.E.B. Clarke. Based on a story by Peter Buchanan Snr & Jnr. Produced by Hugh Stewart. Directed by Michael Forlong.
With: Leigh Gotch, Wendy Cook, Linda Frith, Wilfred Brambell, Roy Kinnear, Sarah Golding, Beryl Cooke, Pat Connell, Harry Fowler, Declan Mulholland, James Ellis.



59 mins Eastman Colour
A youth on-the-run hi-jacks a yacht with three children aboard.
Made by Michael Forlong Productions Ltd. from an original story by Michael Forlong. Produced and Directed by Michael Forlong.
With: Richard Morant, James Forlong, Tracey Peel, Sally Forlong, David Hitchen, Richard Kerrigan, Derek Bond, Robert Swales.


A Hitch in Time

57 mins Eastman Colour
Erractic time-machine cuts bullying teacher down to size!
Made by Eyeline Films Ltd. Original story & screenplay by T.E.B. Clarke. Produced by Harold Orton. Directed by Jan Darnley-Smith.
With: Michael McVey, Pheona McLellan, Patrick Troughton, Jeff Rawle, Sorcha Cusack, Ronnie Brody.


A Horse Called Jester

55 mins Eastman Colour
Horse turned detective communicates with children and helps them foil a dairy robbery.
Made by Eyeline Films Ltd., in association with John V. Lemont. Written by Zita Dundas. Produced by John V. Lemont. Directed by Ken Fairbairn.
With: Sadie Frost, Michael Sampson, Mark Deamer, Heidi Smith, Tony Sympson, Gordon Salkilld, Frank Jarvis, James Coyle.


The Hostages

59 mins Eastman Colour
Children on lonely farm outwit escaped Dartmoor prisoners.
Made by Eady-Barnes Productions Ltd. from an original story by Mike Gorell-Barnes. Produced by Mike Gorell-Barnes. Directed by David Eady.
With: Steven Garlick, Jayne Collins, Peter Marshall, Luci Gorell Barnes, Ray Barrett, Robin Askwith, Tony Wright.


The Hoverbug

57 mins Eastman Colour
The young inventors Dick and Jenny Brewster, build their own 'Hoverbug' and hope to win the race which has been organised for home-made Hovercraft, but their arch rivals, Charlie and Sydney, bend the rules by enlisting professional help and by employing devious means to sabotage the Hoverbug.
Made by Fanfare Films Ltd. Produced by George H. Brown. Directed by Jan Darnley-Smith. Script by Michael Barnes.
With: Arthur Howard, Jill Riddick, Francis Attard, John Trayhorn, Gary Cann, Cardew Robinson, Michael Balfour.


The Hunch

56 mins Eastman Colour
Salvage operations off the coast of Scotland.
Produced by Anvil (Scotland) Ltd. Written and directed by Sarah Erulkar. Producer J.B. Holmes.
With: Alex Norton, Gordon Robb, Amanda Jones, Ross Campbell.
Guest Stars: Douglas Murchie, Bill McCabe, lan Dewar, John Bannerman, Harry Walker.


Hunted in Holland

61 mins Eastman Colour
An English boy goes to stay with a Dutch boy in Holland and becomes involved with diamond thieves among the canals.
Produced by Wessex Film Productions Ltd. Story by lan Dalrymple and Derek Williams. Director Derek Williams. Producer lan Dalrymple. Cameraman Geoffrey Currin.
With: Sean Scully, Sandra Spurr, Jacques Verbrugge, Tom Kelling, Walter Randall.
Cannes 1960. Diploma of Honour.