CFTF Films Catalogue G

Gabrielle and the Doodleman

55 mins Colour
Gabrielle, an eleven year old paraplegic is on the verge of despair when unexpected help appears in the form of 'Doodleman' a character in a T.V. computer game. Or is he?
Made by The Elstree (Production) Company. Produced by Greg Smith, Written and Directed by Francis Essex.
With: Matthew Kelly, Eric Sykes, Windsor Davies, Gareth Hunt and Prudence Oliver.


A Ghost of a Chance

51 mins Eastman Colour
Children and ghosts combine to prevent the destruction of a historic mansion.
Produced by Fanfare Films Ltd. Story by Ed Harper. Script by Patricia Latham. Directed by Jan Darnley Smith. Producer George H. Brown.
With: Stephen Brown, Mark Ward, Cheryl Vidgen.
Guest Stars: Jimmy Edwards, Bernard Cribbens, Graham Stark, Terry Scott, Ronnie Barker, Patricia Hayes.


The Ghost of Monk's Island

106 mins (7 episodes) Eastman Colour
Sailing too far from shore, the Robinson children are marooned on a deserted Island. Their fight for survival is hampered by mysterious events, and the even more mysterious 'Ghost of Monk's Island'.
Produced by Countrywide Film Producers Ltd. Story by Michael Fairall. Director Jeremy Summers. Producer Michael Fairall.
With: Pierre Bedenes, Peter and Robert Bartlett, Lucinda Jackson, Conrad Phillips, Jerold Wells, Beryl Cooke.
  • Episode 1. Unhappy Birthday.
  • Episode 2. Mysterious Island.
  • Episode 3. S.O.S.
  • Episode 4. Fight for Survival.
  • Episode 5. A Tunnel.
  • Episode 6. Captured.
  • Episode 7. Ordeal by Fire.


The Glitterball

56 mins Eastman Colour
Animated silver ball arrives on earth from outer space creating havoc with R.A.F. Strike Command.
Made by Mark Forstater Productions Ltd. Original story by Howard Thompson and Harley Cokliss. Script by Howard Thompson. Produced by Mark Forstater. Directed by Harley Cokliss.
With: Ben Buckton, Keith Jayne, Ron Pember, Marjorie Yates. Barry Jackson, Andrew Jackson.
Awarded Ruby Slipper Los Angeles Film Festival 1977
Awarded 2nd Prize Moscow Film Festival 1977


Go Kart Go

55 mins
Rival Groups build their own Go-Karts and encounter excitement and trouble in their efforts to win the local Go-Kart races.
Made by Fanfare Films Ltd. Original story by Frank Wells. Script by Michael Barnes. Music by Ron Goodwin. Directed by Jan Darnley-Smith. Produced by George H. Brown.
With: Graham Stark, Cardew Robinson, Wilfrid Brambell, Campbell Singer, Gladys Henson, Harry Locke, Dennis Waterman, John Moulder-Brown.
1964 Children's Film Festival.
Gijon Spain - Arquero de Bronce.
Venice - CI.D.A.L.C. Bronze Medal.
Argentine - Special Mention.


A Good Pull Up

17 mins
Dickie Duffle and his young friend Tom work in a cafe.
Story Patricia Latham. Director Don Chaffey. Producer Frank Cadman.


The Great Pony Raid

58 mins Eastman Colour
Wild pony rustling on Dartmoor.
Produced by Associated British-Pathe Ltd. Written by Wally Bosco. Directed by Frederick Goode. Producer Lionel Hoare.
With: Christian Comber, Tina Paget Brown, Andrew Purcell, Shelley Crowhurst, Tim Killingback.
Guest Stars: Edward Underdown, Michael Brennan, Toby Blanshard, Patrick Barr.