CFTF Films Catalogue F

Fern, the Red Deer

58 mins Fuji Colour
Young orphan visits relatives on Exmoor farm and makes pet of a baby deer which has to be returned to the wild.
Made by De Lane Lea Ltd. Original story and script by Jan Darnley-Smith. Produced by Adrian D. Worker. Directed by Jan Darnley-Smith.
With: Candida Prior, Craig McFarlane, Mark Eden, Diana Eden, John Leyton, Madeline Smith, Neil McCarthy.


A Film for Maria

17 mins
The children of a Saturday morning Cinema club entertain a visitor from abroad. They miss the show but foil a theft and are rewarded with a special show.
Produced by the children themselves, helped by Fred Murray (production) and Jack Smith (script and direction).


The Firefighters

56 mins Eastman Colour
Young auxiliary fire-fighters are suspected of arson.
A Frank Godwin/Eyeline Films Production based on an original story by Rosamund Davies. Script by C. Pennington-Richards with additional dialogue by Jonathan Ingrams. Produced by Frank Godwin. Directed by Jonathan Ingrams.
With: Simon Gipps-Kent, Sharon Fussey, Vincent Hall, Glyn Owen, Anne Stallybrass.


Five Clues to Fortune (or The Treasure of Woburn Abbey)

120 mins (8 episodes)
A treasure has been hidden at Woburn Abbey at the time of the Dissolution of the Monasteries. When the sale of the present-day estate is threatened three children find this treasure by means of five clues hidden in a deer's antler.
Produced by Merton Park Studios Ltd. Story by Geoffrey Bond. Screenplay Joe Mendoza, Director Joe Mendoza. Producer Frank A. Hoare.
With: John Rogers, Roberta Patterson, Peter Godsell, David Hemmings, Dafydd Havard, Norman Mitchell.
  • Episode 1. Dead Man's Message.
  • Episode 2. The Secret of the Antler.
  • Episode 3. Raiders at Midnight.
  • Episode 4. A Tight Spot.
  • Episode 5. Race againstTime.
  • Episode 6. Stampede.
  • Episode 7. The Fifth Clue.
  • Episode 8. The Treasure Chest


Five have a Mystery to Solve

96 mins (6 episodes)
Adapted from Enid Blyton's book which tells how four cousins meet a new friend who has strange powers over all the animals on Whispering Island. After discovering the crusader's treasure, they are imprisoned in a flooded dungeon.
Made by Rayant Pictures Ltd. Story by Enid Blyton. Screenplay by Michael Barnes. Directed by Ernest Morris. Produced by John Durst.
With: Michael Balfour, Keith Pyott, Michael Wennink, David Palmer, DarrylRead.
  • Episode 1. Whispering Island.
  • Episode 2. The Hunt in the Woods.
  • Episode 3. The Castaways.
  • Episode 4. The Secret Door.
  • Episode 5. The Crusader's Treasure.
  • Episode 6. High Tide.


Five O'clock Finish

19 mins
Peter is a mechanic in a garage.
Story J. B. Boothroyd and John Croydon. Director John Irwin. Producer John Croydon.


Five on a Treasure Island

126 mins (8 episodes)
Adapted from Enid Blyton's book which tells how four cousins and their dog search for the family treasure in a sunken ship and finally outwit their rivals.
Produced by Rank Screen Services Ltd. Story by Enid Blyton. Director Gerald Landau. Producer Frank Wells. Music Jack Beaver.
With: Rel Grainer, Richard Palmer, Gillian Harrison, John Bailey.
  • Episode 1. The Famous Five.
  • Episode 2. Diving to Danger.
  • Episode 3. The Secret of the Wreck.
  • Episode 4. On the Track of Treasure.
  • Episode 5. Trapped in the Dungeons.
  • Episode 6. Escape to Danger.
  • Episode 7. At the Mercy of the Waves.
  • Episode 8.The Five Triumphant.


Flash the Sheepdog

58 mins Eastman Colour
The story of how Tom Stokes, an English orphan takes his place in a Scottish Border community, and with his Border Collie, Flash, wins the local sheepdog trials.
Produced by International Film Associates (Scotland) Ltd. Based on a book by Kathleen Fidler. Directed by Laurence Henson. Producer J.B. Holmes.
With: Earl Younger, Ross Campbell, Margaret Greig, David Hanley, John Short, Alex Allen, Victor Carin.
Moscow Festival 1967 voted Most Popular Film by boys attending screenings of children's films.


The Flood

45 mins (Revised)
Eight youngsters are cut off by the East Anglian floods in a farmhouse with no grown-ups to help them. The story tells how they deal with the situation until they are rescued.
Made by Associated British-Pathe Ltd. Story by Frank Wells. Script by Jean Scott Rogers. Director Frederic Goode. Producer Lionel Hoare.
With: Waveney Lee, lan Ellis, Christopher Ellis, Leslie Hart, Frank Knight, Elizabeth Gold, Jonathan Bergman, Edward Martin.


The Flying Eye

47 mins (Revised)
A boy detective, with Colonel Audacious and his wonderful invention, in a model aeroplane, the 'flying-eye', foil the efforts of international thieves to steal a secret formula.
Produced by British Films Ltd. Story by John Newton Chance. Director William Hammond. Producer William Weedon. Music Arthur Wilkinson.
With: Julia Lockwood, Harcourt Williams, Geoffrey Sumner, David Hannaford.


Fourwinds Island

110 mins (8 episodes)
Mary Lockwood is left an island in the Scillies but it does not look as though she can afford to keep it until she finds the Lockwood jewels and the radio-active sands of Jacob's Reach.
Produced by Merton Park Productions Ltd. Original Story by Vega Stewart. Director David Villiers. Producer Frank A. Hoare.
With: Amanda Coxell, Annette Robertson, John Pike, lain Gregory, Robert Langley, Pauline Letts, Tom Bowman.
  • Episode 1. Shadows in the Wood.
  • Episode 2. The Lockwood Jewels.
  • Episode 3. The Riddle of Jacob's Reach.
  • Episode 4. The Clue to the Jewels.
  • Episode 5. Fortune in the Sand.
  • Episode 6. Buck Shows his Hand.
  • Episode 7. Hell's Gate.
  • Episode 8. The Last Fight.


Friend or Foe

70 mins Colour
In wartime Britain two boys are looking for a crashed German plane. One of the boys is rescued from drowning by the Pilot of the plane. Should the boys tell the Army where the Pilot and his wounded companion are hiding?
A Childrens Film Foundation Production. Producer Gordon L. T. Scott. Written and Directed by John Krish. From a book by Michael Morpurgo.
With: Mark Luxford, John Holmes, Stacey Tendetter, John Bardon.
Los Angeles Film Festival 1982 Awarded Ruby Slipper.
3rd International Neo-Youth Festival India 1983 - Special Jury Award.
Laon Festival France 1984 Special Jury Prize.