CFTF Films Catalogue E

Eagle Rock

62 mins Eastman Colour
While attempting a solo climb against orders, a brilliant but rash young climber gets into difficulties but is saved by his companions and the local mountain rescue team.
Made by World Safari Ltd. Based on a story by Mary Cathcart Borer. Script by Henry Geddes. Produced and Directed by Henry Geddes.
With: Pip Rolls, Tony Paul, Colin Neal, Nicholas Young, Gareth Robinson, Kaplan Kaye, Christine Thomas, Stephen Morris, Bryan Marsh, Jim Cameron and the voice of John Laurie.
Paris Festival of Sport 1965: Part of Best National Entry.


Echo of the Badlands

56 mins Eastman Colour
Young English holiday visitors help Lesotho herdboy to recover stolen bull.
Made by Little, King & Partners Ltd. Eady-Barnes Productions Ltd. Story by Bob King. Script by Pat Latham. Directed by David Eady and Tim King.
With: Clive Saunders, Fiona Saunders, David Nkema.


Eggheads' Robot

56 mins Eastman Colour
'Egghead' Wentworth adapts his father's robot paratrooper to perform his chores, but forgets to programme it to keep him out of trouble.
Made by Interfilm (London) Limited. Written by Leif Saxon. Produced by Cecil Musk. Directed by Milo Lewis.
With: Keith and Jeffrey Chegwin, Kathryn Dawe, Roy Kinnear, Richard Wattis, Patricia Routledge.


Electric Eskimo

57 mins Eastman Colour
Polar scientists accidentally energise young Eskimo, who gives London more than one shock!
Made by Monument Productions Ltd. Written by Frank Godwin & H. MacLeod Robertson. Produced & Directed by Frank Godwin.
With: Kris Emmerson, Debby Padbury, lan Sears, Derek Francis, Tod Chadbon, Diana King.
Awarded International Centre for Children's Films Best Film.
Moscow Film Festival Pravda Award to Director of the most popular Children's Film 1979.


Escape from the Sea

53 mins Eastman Colour
The story of the rescue of a young boy who is washed out to sea in a rubber dinghy.
Produced by Wallace Productions Ltd. Story by Frank Wells, Directed by Peter Seabourne. Producer A. Frank Bundy.
With: Paul Martin, Nicky Brockway, Simon Milton, Alison Glennie, Larry Hamilton, Fabienne Symons, Peggy Sinclair.


Exploits at West Poley

63 mins Colour
Somerset 1850. Two boys exploring an underground cave, divert the course of a river and drastically change the lives of the people of two villages.
A Children's Film and Television Foundation Production. Producer Pamela Lonsdale. Director Diarmuid Lawrence. Written by James Andrew Hall from a novel by Thomas Hardy.
With: Anthony Bate, Brenda Fricker, Charlie Condou, Jonathan Jackson, Jonathan Adams, Noel O'Connell.