CFTF Films Catalogue B

The Battle of Billy's Pond

56 mins Technicolor
Young Anglers against pollution.
Made by Mark Forstater Productions Ltd. From an original story by Michael Abrams and Harley Cokliss. Produced by Mark Forstater. Directed by Harley Cokliss.
With: Ben Buckton, Andrew Ashby, Linda Robson, Talfryn Thomas, Geoff Hinsliff.
Belgrade (Yugoslavia) 1978. Awarded Childrens Centre Plaque for the best message in the films shown.


Beware of the Dog

96 mins (6 episodes)
The adventures of a Great Dane dog called Junia and her adoption by a family who come to live in her old home.
Made by Mandarin Films Ltd. Original story and Screenplay by Paul Tabori and Gordon Wellesley. Directed by Philip Ford. Produced by Donald Wynne.
With: Charles Tingwell, Jane Barratt, Maurice Medley, Mary Merrall, Sean Bury and the Great Dane 'Junia'.
  • Episode 1. Danger, Keep Out.
  • Episode 2. The Dog Catchers.
  • Episode 3. The Rescue.
  • Episode 4. The Fugitives.
  • Episode 5. The Dog Prison.
  • Episode 6. The Battle.


The Big Catch

55 mins Eastman Colour
The story of youthful rivalry in a Highland fishing port.
Produced by International Film Associates (Scotland) Ltd. Written by Charles Gormley and Laurence Henson. Directed by Laurence Henson. Produced by Laurence Henson and Edward McConnell.
With: David Gallacher, Ronald Sinclair, Andrew Byatt, Simon Orr, Murray Forbes,
Guest Stars: James Copeland, Callum Mill, Jean Taylor Smith, Michael O'Halloran.


Big Wheels and Sailor

55 mins Eastman Colour
Children of long distance lorry drivers, travelling with their fathers, become involved in attempted hijacking.
Made by Jeni Cole & Associates Ltd. Story by Doug and Annie Aitken, Script by Leo Eaton. Produced by Jeni Cole. Directed by Doug Aitken.
With: Nigel Humphries, Matthew Wright, Victoria Gibson, Julian Curry, Sally Hall, Seth Aitken, Shelia Reid, Glen Cunningham, David Gillies, Dominic Letts, Terry Medlicott, Francis Sargent.
Awarded Best Feature by Children's Jury Los Angeles Film Festival 1980.


Black in the Face

15 mins
Peter is a chimney sweep.
Story J. B. Boothroyd. Director John Irwin Producer John Croydon.


Black Island

57 mins Eastman Colour
Young castaways are captured by violent criminals using apparently uninhabited island as a hideout.
Made by Kingsgate Films (London) Ltd. Based on a story by Peter van Praagh. Written by Peter Smith & William Humble. Produced by Carole Smith. Directed by Ben Bolt.
With: Martin Murphy, Michael Salmon, Michael Elphick, Allan Surtees, Norman Tipton. Hugh Martin, Brian Osborn, Mike Savage.


Blind Man's Bluff

58 mins Eastman Colour
Newsboys foil kidnappers.
Made by Willis World Wide Productions Ltd. Based on a story by Pat Latham and Benjamin Lee. Script by Pat Latham. Produced by Cyril Randell. Directed by Gerry O'Hara.
With: Patricia Fletcher, Terry Sue Pat, Steve Fletcher, Chris Ellison. Debbie Ash, David Lincoln, Reg Lye, Ken Watson, Mela White, Richard Parmentier.


Blinker's Spy-Spotter

57 mins Eastman Colour
Blinker, so named because he blinks whenever he has a bright idea for a new invention, is the son of an eccentric Professor who is developing a top secret Pulsar Crystal X. Blinker's inventions help him to be a successful goalkeeper and to keep an eye on The Masons gang - and some real crooks.
Made by Eyeline Films Ltd. Produced by Harold Orton. Directed by Jack Stephens.
With: Arthur Howard, David Spooner, Sally-Ann Marlowe, Bernard Bresslaw


Blow Your Own Trumpet

41 mins (Revised)
A young lad learns to play the trumpet and competes for a place in the local colliery brass band, in spite of strong opposition from another boy and his ambitious father.
Produced by Cecil Musk Productions in association with Film Producers' Guild Ltd. Story by Geoffrey Bond. Director/Producer Cecil Musk.
With: Peter Butterworth, Michael Crawford, Gillian Harrison, Martyn Shields.


The Boy who Never Was

58 mins Eastman Colour
Son of African diplomat is kidnapped and replaced by his double in an attempt to assassinate a VIP at a London conference.
Made by Monument Productions Ltd. Written & Produced by H. MacLeod Robertson and Frank Godwin. Directed by Frank Godwin.
With: Gordon Hagan, Paul Atlantis, Christian Bulloch, Melissa Wilkes, Eddie Tagoe, Robert la Bassiere, Terence Alexander, Derek Benfield, Beryl Cooke, John Comer.


The Boy Who Turned Yellow

54 mins Eastman Colour
When John unaccountably turns yellow and receives a visit from a being who feeds on electricity, it is obvious that he is in for some strange adventures.
Made by Roger Cherrill Ltd. Written by Emeric Pressburger. Produced by Roger Cherrill. Directed by Michael Powell
With: Mark Dightam, Lem Kitaj, Robert Eddison, Brian Worth, Helen Weir, Esmond Knight.


The Boy with Two Heads

116 mins (7 episodes)
Chris and Jill discover South American shrunken head with magical powers.
Made by Eyeline Films Limited Produced by Frank Godwin. Directed by Jonathan Ingrams. Story by Pennington Richards. Script by Pennington Richards and Frank Godwin.
With: Spencer Plumridge, Lesley Ash, Lance Percival, Stanley Meadows, Louis Mansi, Hilda Fennemore, Peter Halliday, and the voice of "Chico" - Clive Revill.
  • Episode 1. The Mysterious Box
  • Episode 2. Chico Makes Magic.
  • Episode 3. Chase For Chico.
  • Episode 4. The Magic Football.
  • Episode 5. The Secret Cave.
  • Episode 6. Chico Makes The Rain.
  • Episode 7. Farewell To Chico.


Break Out

62 mins Colour
Two boys are kidnapped by three escaping convicts and the relationship which develops between captor and captured brings out the good side of the most dangerous criminal's character.
Made by Eyeline Film and Video Ltd. Produced by Harold Orton and Frank Godwin. Directed by Frank Godwin. Written by Ranald Graham from the book 'A Place to Hide' by Bill Gillham.
With: Simon Nash, John Hasler, David Jackson, lan Bartholomew, John Bowler.
Selected for screening: London Film Festival 1984.


Bungala Boys

61 mins Eastman Colour
A new life-saving Surf Club is started on a small beach in Australia and struggles to success against difficulties.
Produced by Jimar Pictures (Pty.) Ltd. Sydney and The Children's Film Foundation Ltd. Story by Clare Medillon. Screenplay Jim Jeffreys. Director Jim Jeffreys. Producer Otto Plaschkes.
With: Peter Couldwell, Alan Dearth, John Dennis, Terry Bentley, Julie Youatt.
Venice Festival 1962. Special Award.