The Children's Film & Television Foundation

Welcome to the CFTF

The Children's Film & Television Foundation has been investing in the development and production of films and television programme specifically for children since it was set up in 1951.

One of the Foundation's major contributions to the British Film Industry has been encouraging new directorial talent and artistes. Francesca Annis, Michael Crawford, Susan George, Richard O'Sullivan and Dennis Waterman all started their careers as young actors in CFTF films. More than sixty different companies have made films for the CFTF, and many internationally esablished directors such as Lewis Gilbert and Michael Powell have worked with us.

CFTF films have won well over fourty prizes at major film festivals and the CFTF itself recieved The Michael Balcon Award, presented by the British Academy of Film & Television Arts, for outstanding British contribution to Cinema

Most recently, the CFTF, together with the Film Council and the BBC, have been overseeing a script development fund for 'family friendly' features. Five projects have been developed through this fund, and are now at various stages in their development process. The fund is now closed and currently the Foundation is unable to take on any new projects.